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Schools across Basildon are working together in partnership under the direction of a ‘hub’ to further improve provision and outcomes for all pupils.

The expansion of the Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust is key to this outcome. The re-structuring of Lee Chapel MAT will enable Members and Trustees to hold an overview of the strengths, capabilities and areas for development for each of schools within the MAT. Alongside this, there is an equally robust and up to date overview of the improvement targets schools are working on and need support with.

Lee Chapel is already an ‘Outstanding’ National Support and Teaching School, led by a National Leader of Education, and has teams of Specialist Leaders of Education who have a long track record of providing targeted and effective support to schools across Basildon. The recent increase in the school’s roll (to four forms of entry) has enabled the school to further increase its middle and senior leadership capacity making us well placed to work with and support partner schools within the MAT.

Under the Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust, each school with the same shared vision that provision and pupil outcomes in all six schools will be judged to be ‘Outstanding’. 

On 1st September 2016 Ryedene, Northlands and Phoenix Primary Schools joined Lee Chapel and Greensted Junior School under the Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust, each school with the same shared vision that provision and pupil outcomes will be judged to be ‘Outstanding’ . On 1st September 2018, the trust was joined by Greensted Infants School, with the same vision (these Schools amalgamated in  September 2022 and are now called 'Greensted Primary and Nursery School'). The latest addition to the Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust, Chapel Hill Primary School, is currently being built and will open September 2024.  The ambition, shared by all the Headteachers, staff, Governors and communities of the six schools, is absolutely non-negotiable and achievable. With three of the six already achieving ‘Outstanding’ outcomes, the remaining three are clear about what needs to be done to secure these.

The Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust is the statutory body for all the schools in the Multi-Academy Trust. The Secretary of State for Education has entered into an agreement with the Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust to run the schools in the Trust and therefore the Multi-Academy Trust Board is responsible for the standards and operation of all schools in the Trust.

The identified strengths across the locality schools have been matched with areas for development. Identified CPD is shared collaboratively across schools. As a result, we are in the position to build a portfolio of expertise and CPD and co-ordinate the capacity to allow for delivery of it from any school to another. An open forum, where schools present innovative ideas or developments to others, creates opportunities to share and develop best practice and school improvement in our Trust.

Each of the Academies within the Multi-Academy Trust continue to have a Local Governing Body (which is a mix of parents, staff and co-opted governors) who are responsible for implementing the policies laid down by the Trustees and report back to them. The Local Governing Bodies in each of the six schools are passionate about their respective roles and about the aspirational vision for their pupils and those across all six MAT schools.

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