Lee Chapel MAT

Leadership Charter 

Each school in the Lee Chapel Multi Academy Trust commits to the following principles as part of our Leadership Charter:

  • We work together in a genuinely collaborative way and we also celebrate the strengths and individuality of each of our schools.
  • We commit to the principle of genuine collaboration to find evidence led and innovative ways to enhance the efficacy of learning, leadership, engagement and aspiration.
  • We aspire to offer an educational experience which is inspirational, innovative and delivers integrity in adults and children.
  • We embrace the notion of mutual accountability: no individual, team or school can feel they are successful unless all individuals, teams and schools are successful. We consequently commit whole-heartedly to MAT peer reviews which precipitates peer support and training.
  • We embrace the power of trust wide professional development, and therefore contributing as well as benefiting from that professional development.
  • We coordinate calendars to allow maximum benefit from Trust wide opportunities.
  • We encourage, create time for, and inspire our best teachers, support staff, and leaders to work for the benefit of our schools within the Trust.
  • We commit to providing the Trustboard with timely, coordinated, accurate and appropriate data and information about our schools to allow for the best possible deployment of resources.
  • We commit to providing a curriculum and an approach to pedagogy that is irresistible, inclusive and aspirational.
  • We commit to recognising the head, hand and heart in equal measure. We recognise the importance of personalisation, and the importance of each child feeling known, celebrated and cared for.
  • We commit to “finding the magic” in each child and nurturing the children’s talents.
  • We make educational choices for our children driven by putting their needs, and those of their families and communities first.
  • We commit to being a force for good and lead positive change within our community.
  • We commit to embracing and promoting diversity and the celebration of cultural differences.
  • We recognise that our employees are our greatest resource, and consequently we commit to ensuring that all employees feel valued, supported and nurtured.
  • We commit to operating inclusively in all we do.

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